The Diner: a video game for healthier eating

The Diner trains the brain to abandon excessive consumption of unhealthy foods in the long term.

In a typical American restaurant setting, the player must react as quickly as possible to the food that scrolls across the screen according to rules determined to induce targeted brain changes. Each success increases the difficulty of the game and confers resources to buy bonuses, but mistakes reduce the life bar.

Neuria relies on a patented mechanism of action that modulates the brain’s motivational and reward responses: each time the player reacts to an unhealthy food in the game, it triggers a brain plasticity mechanism that progressively decreases its appeal.

Playing makes unhealthy foods less attractive, and if there is no more interest, there is no need to make an effort not to consume them.

Designed for tablet and smartphone, “The Diner” currently targets eating behaviors. 

The Diner - Barman © Neuria 2021
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I want to play! How to get The Diner ?

Today, The Diner is mainly released to medical institutes and organizations who use it in their research. It is then distributed to those registered for the various studies concerned. The game is usually available in custom versions adapted to the needs of these studies. Subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed of planned studies and thus be able to access The Diner!