Services to insurance companies and other institutions

We offer solutions to change preferences, starting with decreasing the appeal of unhealthy food

Our services include :

  • Creating gamified digital therapies
  • Development of large-scale intervention programs

Services for scientists and clinicians

Changing brain circuits in a sustainable and targeted way in the laboratory requires considerable resources, forcing researchers to reduce the duration of sessions and the number of participants. Thanks to our gamified and online interventions, participants can practice the cognitive tasks at home for long periods of time without losing motivation.

We offer software, methodological protocols, and customized online solutions to conduct large-scale basic studies and clinical trials. This allows to study behavioral change in healthy or clinical populations (neurological and psychiatric patients willing to improve or to recover their cognitive functions).

Our services include :

  • Intervention software and data collection
  • Data processing
  • Statistical modeling

You can find more details on the proposed solutions here.

We deliver our cognitive training via videogames on smartphone or tablet. Through gamification, we can change behaviors without individuals even realizing it: just play specially designed arcade games for a few weeks and see your health improve.

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