For the first time, Neuria proudly partners with diabètevaud for the “MAYbe Less Sugar” campaign, an initiative designed to raise awareness of sugar’s harmful effects on health and reduce sugar consumption.

At Neuria, we are joining in this effort and offering exclusive full access to our game ‘The Diner’ on sodas and other sweet beverages, which are the principal contributors to excessive sugar intake!

Why participate?

  • We care for you: We offer full access to our program specifically designed to reduce sweet beverages intake.
  • Improve your consumption habits while having fun: By playing ten days of our game for around 10’ per day, you can reduce your cravings for sweet beverages.
  • Science-Driven: Our solution comes from years of research in Neuroscience by leading experts in the field.

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity! You can sign up directly by clicking on the link below, or visit the MAYbe Less Sugar website for more information about the campaign.

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