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Neuria is a Swiss company developing science-based solutions to improve public health. Our team of neuroscientists and engineers provides interventions delivered via videogames for large-scale behavioral change.

What do we do ?

We provide digital interventions for behavioral change and cognitive recovery to scientists, clinical institutions and companies.

Our patented technologies are the result of years of cutting-edge scientific research, notably conducted by the Medicine Section of the University of Fribourg, from which the company originated.

We mainly focus on reducing excessive consumption behaviors that have deleterious effects on health, such as the consumption of unhealthy food, alcohol or tobacco.

We have the skills to gamify cognitive interventions at a professional level, so that the fun remains at the center of the behavioral change process.

Neuria was at the FutureHealth Event in Lausanne!

Yesterday our CEO, Prof. Lucas Spierer, joined industry visionaries on stage at the FutureHealth event. It was an honor to be part of the conversations about redefining healthcare in Switzerland. Kudos to the FutureHealth team for orchestrating such an impactful...

Neuria is among the winners of the Future of Health Grant 🏆

This week Neuria was selected for the second round of the Future of Health Grant. It's an honor to be recognized by such a prestigious organization and move to the next level. 🌟 By joining the program this fall, we look forward to collaborating with the EPFL...

The science behind Neuria

Our video game the Diner allows you to improve your consumption without you even realizing it. But does it really work? Our team of Neuroscientist from the University of Fribourg have proved it does. Our recent study does not only confirm previous findings about the...

Can a video game change our food behavior?

We were recently featured in a fascinating interview with the Corporate Health Services (CHS), focusing on the million-dollar question - "Can a video game change our food behavior?" Our answer is - Absolutely Yes! And our COO, Hugo Najberg, will tell you all...

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Our Team

We work in close collaboration with the Laboratory of Neurorehabilitation Sciences of the Cantonal Hospital and the University of Fribourg, of which the company is a spinoff.
PD Dr Lucas Spierer

PD Dr Lucas Spierer


Dr Hugo Najberg

Dr Hugo Najberg


Dr Maurizio Rigamonti

Dr Maurizio Rigamonti

Technology Director

Pauline Rossel

Pauline Rossel

Communication & Art Director

Dr Michaël Mouthon

Dr Michaël Mouthon

Information & Quality Insurance Director

Malika Tapparel

Malika Tapparel

Science & Development Director

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